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Accurate examination and diagnosis are required to understand the patient's health and oral conditions through inquiry, oral examination, and x-ray before implant treatment. The results may indicate that implant treatment is not possible.

People who cannot undergo implant treatment (absolute contraindications)

Young people in the growth process and patients with type 1 diabetes or immune deficiency usually cannot undergo implant treatment.

In addition, patients currently receiving radiation therapy, particularly, to their jaw, cannot undergo surgical treatment. Anesthesia may also involve risks, and osteomyelitis may occur.
Saliva production may decrease after radiation therapy. A decrease in saliva production often results in tooth decay or gum disease, and may make implant treatment difficult. Therefore, oral care must be implemented carefully after radiation therapy.

Some studies have indicated that hormonal therapy is associated with a high incidence of unsuccessful implant treatment. Therefore, special care is required in such cases.

People who may not be able to undergo implant treatment (relative contraindications)

The following conditions may prevent implant treatment: poor oral hygiene, gum disease, insufficient alveolar bone quantity, smokers, and type 2 diabetes.
In such cases, changes in lifestyle or management of symptoms through medical care may allow implant treatment.
It has been suggested that 50 % of postmenopausal women will develop osteoporosis. It follows that the development of osteoporosis weakens the alveolar bone. Consequently, implant placement surgery may be difficult in such cases, although osteoporosis is not always a contraindication. In such cases, implant treatment may be performed after bone is collected from other regions or artificial bone tissue is grafted and new bone is produced.

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