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Indications for implant treatment

Implant therapy does not affect the surrounding teeth, unlike bridges and dentures.
There are no limitations in the site or number of missing teeth provided there is sufficient bone volume and the conditions of the jawbone are good.

Regarding sites to be treated

Implant therapy can be conducted for both front and back teeth.
Different fixtures (artificial tooth root) are prepared according to the width and depth of the jawbone. In cases with prolonged tooth loss, no implant can be placed due to loss of the gum ridge (jawbone). However, augmentation of the bone and gum will allow placement of the implant.

The number of teeth to be treated

Conventional dental treatment had no choice, such that either a bridge or partial denture is selected in cases with a single tooth missing and a partial denture with 3 or more tooth missing. However, implant therapy is applicable to all cases from a single missing tooth to all teeth missing.
In addition, even if the teeth around the implant are lost in future, the implant will be unaffected. In such a case, the lost tooth can be replaced with an artificial tooth root (fixture) without reproduction of the implant placed previously.

Age limit

Upper limit age

There is no particular upper age limit to implant treatment. Anybody who can undergo minor surgery and has sufficient bone volume for implant placement can undergo implant treatment. Even in cases with insufficient bone quantity, implant treatment can be performed by increasing the bone.

Lower limit age

Minors cannot undergo implant treatment.
It is common not to provide implant treatment in teenagers who are still developing because bone growth is prevented in the area where an implant is placed.
Although bone growth varies among different individuals, men stop growing at about age 22 and women 20. There is no particular upper age limit for men or women.
In minors with tooth loss, treatment planning is made while observing bone growth with replacement teeth, such as dentures. Missing teeth can be replaced with a bridge. However, if implant treatment is considered in adulthood, it may be wiser to use a denture rather than a bridge, which requires cutting the healthy neighboring teeth.

Systemic disease

Anybody who can undergo minor surgery under anesthesia can undergo implant treatment.
However, please consult your physician as surgical treatment and anesthesia may be limited in people with heart disease or immune disease.
Although it is suggested that surgical treatment is difficult in people with diabetes, those with a stable blood glucose level can undergo implant treatment.
In addition, as x-ray and CT (computed tomography) cannot be performed in pregnant women, implant treatment must wait until after delivery.

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