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Before implant treatment

Before implant treatment, the conditions in the patient’s mouth are examined carefully to eradicate gum disease or tooth decay.
Various types of examination, including radiography and computed tomography (CT), are performed to determine the availability of implant treatment.
In cases with insufficient bone volume, the bone volume can be increased for implant treatment by several special treatments.
Here, the processes before implant surgery will be presented.

The processes before implant surgery

STEP 1: Counseling

The dentist listens to the patient's dental history and needs and provides detailed explanations and discusses the flow of implant treatment.

STEP 2: Examination and diagnosis

Examination of the mouth, taking a mold of the mouth and teeth, and verification of the systemic conditions are performed.
In addition, X-ray and CT are performed.
* Examination contents may differ slightly between clinics.
The results allow determination of the availability of implant treatment. If available, the best therapeutic modality is chosen .

STEP 3: Explanation of treatment planning

Treatment planning is performed based on the results of examination and is explained fully to the patient. In some clinics, the explanation may be given to the patient with the aid of a computer simulation system. At the same time, the duration and costs of treatment are also explained.
It is important for the treatment plan to be suitable for the patient without being obtrusive.

STEP 4: Pretreatment

In cases with other tooth decay or gum disease, implant treatment may not be possible to performed implant treatment immediately.
In such cases, the remaining tooth decay and gum disease must be treated before implant treatment.

STEP 5: Treatments for increasing bone quantity

In implant placement, a certain level of bone quantity is required to support the implant firmly.
In patients with ill-fitting dentures over the years or severe gum disease, implant placement may be impossible because of serious bone loss.

In such cases, treatment to increase the bone quantity, such as bone grafting, is performed.
* This treatment may be performed simultaneously with implant placement.

STEP 6: Implant surgery

An implant is now placed in the jawbone.
The physical and oral conditions are checked carefully on the day of surgery, and then implant placement surgery is performed.

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