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Attention to sites to be treated

Implant treatment may injure the “maxillary sinus” or “inferior alveolar nerve” without careful consideration (see figure below) depending on the site to be treated and irreversible damage may occur.
It is recommended to undergo treatment after verification by x-ray and CT examination and explanation should be given before treatment.

Treatment for upper back teeth

The maxillary sinus is located behind the upper jaw. This is a hollow region that connects with the nasal cavity.
Prolonged tooth loss often result in bone loss in the jaw. The upper jaw is no exception.
If an implant is placed in an area of the jaw with thin bone, the maxillary sinus will be exfoliated, and subsequently the implant may drop into in. It is difficult to remove the implant from the maxillary sinus.
So, is it impossible to place an implant in the thin upper jaw?
No, the sinus lift and socket lift techniques make implant treatment possible in such cases.

Treatment for lower back teeth

The inferior alveolar nerve is located beneath the lower back teeth. In cases in which the lower jaw becomes thin or is lost due to resorption, if an implant is placed in the thin lower jaw, the inferior alveolar nerve may be damaged or paralysis may develop due to stimulation by drilling near it.
As there are large blood vessels and muscles in the lingual side, if there are errors in the direction of the placed implant, blood vessels may be damaged. Depending on bone condition, GBR (guided bone regeneration) may be performed if necessary.

Treatment for front teeth

The front tooth region is an area where the bone is originally thin. Tooth loss causes further bone loss. An implant can be placed without increasing the bone. However, if the bone is thin, the implant may protrude from the jawbone.
Depending on bone conditions, GBR may be performed if necessary.

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