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What are mini-implants for patients who wear a lower complete denture?

Mini-implants that are placed to support and fix the lower complete denture

Mini-implants for exclusive use in the lower jaw are used to stabilize the lower complete denture. Dental implants have many advantages. However, implant treatment costs are higher and treatment period is longer for patients who wear a lower complete denture.
This treatment with mini-implants is recommended for patients who feel that “if it takes so much trouble to undergo implant treatment, this is OK as is. There’s no need for implant treatment.”
In this treatment, a full denture is placed and fixed on 4 mini-implants (titanium screws 1.8 mm in diameter), which are smaller than regular implants.
Although this mini-implant method is inferior to regular implant treatment, the use of mini-implants allows the patient to eat meals more comfortably than with the use of complete dentures.
In addition, treatment costs for mini-implants are lower than those of regular implant treatment, surgical treatment is relatively simple, and little bleeding occurs due to use of flapless surgery. Therefore, meals can be eaten on the day of implant surgery.

Characteristics of mini-implants

  • As dentures with mini-implants are removable, the patients can place or remove the denture themselves.
  • Treatment costs are lower than regular implant treatment.(* The fabrication of a complete denture may entail extra cost.)
  • Surgical time and number of visits can be reduced.
  • As surgery is relatively simple compared with regular implant treatment, treatment can usually be completed on the first visit.
  • The complete denture is fixed firmly on the lower ridge with snaps, and it is therefore possible to chew hard foods.

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